'Emo-pron' Phonics Stories & Resources

by Stella Palavecino

'Th Th Thumkie' book release at IATEFL International Conference Belfast 2022

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Phonics is an approach that seems ideal to teach children spelling, but the material is designed for native speakers of English. How can phonics be effective for the non-native learner? This learner needs to acquire English sounds and s/he can do it by building a phonological core and activating prior knowledge.

Discover a new world of EFL Phonics for the foreign learner!!

Creating a make-believe world of Phonics is an ideal approach to teach children spelling, but the material is designed for native speakers of English. There is a mismatch at this point.  How can we make Phonics effective for the EFL learner?. Considering, the major difficult for them is that they need to acquire  English words and sounds  before they actually learn to blend and segregate  English words, the answer to this question lies in designing a phonological core (Jenkins2000), and activating previous knowledge. The latter relates to Vygotsky’s ‘zone of proximal development’ (ZPD) and ‘scaffolding’ (Bruner1976). In this way, the ZPD will be triggered by sounds children can handle in the mother tongue. For example, the story of Thumkie who struggles to fit in the EFL classroom because children cannot see TH in words , will act as a scaffold to acquire the English sound in the name of Thumkie and his friends. Through fantasy, children are introduced to English sounds that motivate them to articulate, acquire, play and sing with sounds. This scaffold will allow them to develop new intelligible articulatory habits, phonological awareness to sound out words, and blend sounds in English as well as acquiring a new language in a memorable way.

Teachers will be delighted to see , how simple it could be to transform their classes into happy reading sessions, creatively accomplished through stories, fantasy characters, sound tricks, music and games. There is a world of Phonics for the EFL learner too. Come and discover it yourself.